The Best Solution Is Can’t Open Device /dev/psaux

In this blog post, we will identify some possible causes that might cause the /dev/psaux device to fail to open, and then I will provide possible fixes that you can try to resolve this issue.

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cannot open device /dev/psaux

I installed Gentoo released 1.4beta stage1, rsynced and then updatedand hot-install packages several times. I installed on assemblymy and my own core thanks togentoo sources (2.4.19). When I installed X,The server started by startx failed to freeze the Windows mouse:(**) "Protocol" option "IMPS/2"(**) Mouse1: Protocol: "IMPS/2"(**) "CorePointer" option(**) Mouse1: center pointer(**) Device option "/dev/psaux"(EE) xf86OpenSerial: cannot open product /dev/psauxNo such device or address.(EE) Mouse1: PreInit input device cannot be opened(EE) Error for input device "Mouse1"(II) Dump module: "Mouse"(II) "Keyboard1" keyboard controlled by outdated music driver(WW) Main pointer not registeredNo base pointerFatal server error:Primary devices cannot be initializedI am trying to run gpm:gpm -m /dev/psauxoops(): [...path... gpm.c(956)]:/dev/psaux cannot be openedConnected to everything first, I have to close /var/run/ manuallyGpm (I think this is a mistake). I can then run gpm - without the error message of course.After that, X can also open the mouse normally. Now when I log out of X I clear gpmand try restarting X which will start up fine but the mouse will never work.The pointer simply remains in the city alone. So gpm shouldHurry up to XJob.Other devices to transfer my Psaux mouse didn't work either.I don't think it's related to devfs, but I think so.

comment 1 Martin Schlemmer (IN PRESS) 2002-04-09 16:08:24 UTC
1) Which bus is the mouse connected to?2) Have you developed "input" support in the kernel, and thus mouse support?   in drafting devices (think)?

cannot open device /dev/psaux

My Duck is a regular PS2 mouse included with the PS2 Mouse Bus. Easy to integrateDebian and Hat of course, which I also use on some machines. 

comment 4 Martin Schlemmer (IN PRESS) 2002-05-09 14:37:03 UTC

Själva Lösningen är Kan Inte öppna Applikatorn /dev/psaux
Die Beste Lösung War Immer, Gerät /dev/psaux Kann Nicht Geöffnet Werden
La Meilleure Solution Est Généralement De Ne Pas Ouvrir Le Périphérique /dev/psaux
Lepszym Rozwiązaniem Jest Brak Możliwości Otwarcia Sprzętowego /dev/psaux
La Soluzione Migliore Non è Aprire Il Dispositivo /dev/psaux
De Beste Oplossing Is Om Apparaat /dev/psaux Niet Te Deblokkeren
Лучшее лечение – невозможность открыть устройство /dev/psaux
A Melhor Solução é Simplesmente Não Conseguir Abrir O Dispositivo /dev/psaux
가장 중요한 해결책은 프린터 /dev/psaux를 열 수 없다는 것입니다.
La Mejor Solución Es No Abrir El Dispositivo /dev/psaux

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