Tips For Troubleshooting CPU Usage In Windows 2003

Over the past few days, some of our users have reported that they are experiencing cpu usage on Windows 2003.

How do I check CPU usage on Windows?

Launch task manager. Press the Ctrl, Alt, and Del keys at the same time.Select “Start Task Manager” from. This will open the program task manager window.Click on that “Performance” tab. Usually on this first screen, the field shows the percentage of CPU usage.


2003 is getting old. But now we have a number of customers, most of whom still love using it, and for good reason – it’s a good and reliable operating system workhorse.

We recently ran into an issue where some of our 2003 servers were running at 100% CPU usage compared to the lab. The investigation revealed to Svchost that this was the culprit. ⠀ But there are many processes. What is actually a product? does There is a new trick to find out:

Run: tasklist.exe /fi /svc “imagename eq svchost.exe”

You will find something:

Here you can see the PID associated with the svchost processes running the service. • Check the PID in the task manager, compare this show, and now you have determined that the service may be overloading the CPU.

High CPU Usage In Automatic Updates

cpu usage in windows 2003

In our personal case, it turns out that we have a known issue where the automatic update service goes a little crazy due to CPU usage. It may well drop off readings after but bounce back the next day.

Since this is a known issue, there is a great solution as well. This page lists two local installers. After running and installing most of them (and in our case already had one installed), we haven’t had any problems since ðŸ™.

UPDATE: Elohir and Byron_K have mentioned a new fix below that seems to actually fix this issue when the previous version didn’t work. Thanks a lot for that! divide.

How do I see CPU usage?

Ctrl+Shift+Esc.Ctrl Alt + + Then Del Click “Task Manager” from, I would say, the options that appear.

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