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It is worth checking out these troubleshooting tips if you are downloading the ca r12.0 antivirus error code on your computer.

2.0 Considerations
2.1 Support for CA Access Control terminals for OEL 4 and 5
2.2 Installing 32-bit CA Access Control Linux binaries on x86 64-bit
Linux machines require version 2.3.
2.4 Certified for Windows 2008
2 server.5 Server Installing Windows 2008 Server Core
2.6 Dates GMT user creation date report
2.7 Single license code for CA Access Premium Control Edition
2.8 Latest report file (.biar) Import and configuration file (.xml)

3.0 Known Issues
3.1 Problems with Windows terminals
3.1.1 Message that agent registry keys are not updated in SSL mode
3.1.2 Windows Server 2008 does not support the SURROGATE class.
3.1.3 Reboot Required After Restarting Trend Micro™ PC-cillin Antivirus
3.2 Problems with UNIX terminals
3.2.1 Upgrading AIX If you encounter an error, use a real symlink
3.3 Problems with server components
3.3.1 Policy Gap Calculator Detects Undeleted Files
3.3.2 Missing Data Policy Versions Report
3.3.3 CA Business Intelligence cannot be installed to an empty wonderful directory
3.3. 4 personslicense agreement because the CA Access Control Report Server installation is not translated into Japanese
3.3.5 Duplicate Policies Tab in CA Access Control Enterprise Administration in Korean
3.3.6 Unreadable characters in non-English report output
3.4 Problems with documentation
3.4.1 Latest localized documentation not available for ISO images
3.4.2 Invalid parameter in restorepmd command.
3.4.3 Release Notes Topic Update – SAN Support on Windows Endpoints
3.4.4 Undocumented active flag in setoptions command
3.4. 5 second undocumented -kt with second functions -ktc seconds -kt function – show UNIX kernel tables
3 on.4.5.2 seconds -ktc function – Clearing, enabling and disabling kernel cache tables in UNIX Kernel tables
3.4.5. 4 Main table column names Cache tables Protected Resource Tables Tables

1.0 Welcome

download ca antivirus r12.0

Welcome to our CA Access Control r12.0 SP1 CR2 Readme. thisContains problems with the readme file and any other information found.after publication. Listknown behavior problemsfor our release and features details andImprovements in this version may be of interest to you, seeRelease Notes.

Section 2.0 Considerations

This describes issues that affect the product.Installation and use, and have also been discovered after publication.

2.1 CA Terminal Support For OEL 4 And 5

You now have the option to install a CA on a Linux access control endpoint.x64 and x86 components running OEL (Oracle EnterpriseLinux) 8 or 5.

2.2 Install 32-bit CA Access Control Binaries On 64-bit Linux X86

To install the 32-bit CA Access Control binaries on Linux x8664-bit version, we recommend using some of the files 120sp1_CR1_LINUX.tar.Zor install 120sp1_CR1_LINUX_RPM.tar.Z orsubsequent packages, the styles of these installation packages. theseThe installation provides installation of 32-bit CA Control access.Binaries up to 64-bit x86 Linux systems. When your family improvesthey keep packages compatible with previous onesConfiguration 32-bIntegral CA access control. Before installationCA Access Control, you must ensure that the following itemsSome of the 32-bit system libraries installed:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, (RHEL 5 andOEL only your five) Further catalog of current RPMPackages that are still

  • Requires SLES: 10: compat-libstdc++, glibc-32bit, libgcc,ncurses-32bit, pam-32bit, xorg-x11-libs-32bit
  • SLES 9: glibc-32bit, libgcc, libstdc++, ncurses-32bit,pam-32bit, XFree86-libs-32bit
  • RHEL 5 and OEL 5: audit-libs, compat-libstdc++, glibc,libgcc, libICE, libSM, libXext, libXp, libXt, ncurses, pam
  • RHEL four . and OEL 4: compat-libstdc++, glibc, libgcc, ncurses,pam, xorg-x11-deprecated-libs, xorg-x11-libs
  • Some RHELs: glibc, libgcc, libstdc++, ncurses, pam,XFree86 Libraries
  • Linux Machines Require 2.3

    Before downloading the 32-bit CA Access Control binaries directly to32-bit or 64-bit Linux computers, if you make surethe 32-bit archives will be installed. They do it just in caseIf you do not install this library, the ReportAgent daemon will notrun afterCA Access Control settings.

    2.4 Certified For Windows Server 2008

    CA Access Control is certified to work with Windows Server.Logo 2008 (Windows program). You can find non-standardInstallation steps Attempts to access the CAReview the installation approach at CA Support Online (DocumentID: TEC493733) at:

    Note. For more information about the core Windows Logo program, seeWindows Hardware Developer Center.

    2. 5 Installing Windows Server 2008 Server Core

    To install CA Access Control on the 2008th Windows ServerKernel, use automatic (non-interactive) CA access controlInstallation.

    2.6 The Dates In The User Creation Date Report Are GMT

    download ca antivirus r12.0

    The CA Access Control user creation date report will beForce and creation date are in GMT (Greenwich Mean Time).Time). This partially guarantees that there are appointments in the coursethe same for hosts in different time zones.

    Because some reports on the creation date of a CA Access Control useruses GMT, not the package’s time zone, creation time, anddate fromreport generation may differ from our own creation time andThe date displayed by the host.

    2.7 CA Access Premium Regulated Single License Code

    As of r12.0 SP1 CR1, CA Access Control PremiumThe publication has a single code license. CA access controlThe components of the Premium Edition license are these people: 2E2U for bothWindows and UNIX.

    2.8 Importing The Latest Report File (.biar) And Configuration File (.xml)

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