Troubleshooting Tips For Redeclaring Counters Even With Errors

If your system also has a redeclaration of the enumerator error, this user guide can help you fix it.

As mentioned in their comments, if they use this C compiler instead of the compiler for c++ code compilation, you will inevitably get the mentioned disadvantages. The code is no longer in C++, so you need to use a C++ compiler to build it.

Also, if you are using any C compiler, you can use non-automatically full step names such as ‘FG::black‘ or ‘BG::'.black ‘ to help you distinguish between names; C considers a non-comma to be a valid character.

Actually my problem is in another file; My own C file contains a music header file whose header contains some kind of C++ code file, so that’s what’s causing the problem. So my File header (foo.h) contains valid new code. Could you suggest a header structure for a C file?

If buyers want a title, your foo.h should be bilingual in C and C++, your site will probably work best with a single marker, eliminating the need for FG: Final qualifiers :black and BG::black:

#ifndef FOO_H_INCLUDED#define FOO_H_INCLUDEDtypedef enum color   = black 1,   red means 2,    Green means 3 Color;typedef FG structure    ... . . . .Color . .Shadow; . . . .... GF;BG definition type  structural... . **cr** **cr** . . .Color . . . .Shadow; . . . .... // BG;#endif FOO_H_INCLUDED

Note that typedefs must resolve C code after the BG prefix, and fg Colour without lookup for struct< /code > or enum; normal C++ would not need these special type definitions at all. However, you're just writing bilingual code, and sometimes you write something because it looks boring in one language or another.

Early in the morning, I get about two dozen requests for help with a design or selection problem. Most of them make more sense than sending me hundreds of lines of code. If so, I consult with them to find the smallest one in the post that has the problem and provide them to me. In most cases, they call themselves a mistake. "The easiest way to find a program that's throwing an error" is usually a powerful debugging tool.

Bjarne Straustrup (October 14, 2000)

An enumeration in C is a user-defined aggregation type consisting of integers, called constants. You see, the enum keyword allows you to incredibly declare an enum type using the (optional) enum tag and a named list of integers.

We mainly used an enum to improve readability in the code, combined with an enum to easily debug my code using symbolically expanded macros. The most important property associated with Enum is that it obeys the scoping rule, and it is easy for the compiler to assign a value to its individual constant.

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