Steps To Resolve The Gunbound Web Module Error

If you are experiencing a gunbound web module error on your system, we hope this blog post can help you fix it.

UPDATED March 2, 2022

– Map
– Added 8 Days of Battle (Ruby Light City, Cozy Tower)
– Changed map fragment effect

– Server
– Base stabilization game data works

UPDATE 2022-03-02

UPDATE January 27, 2022

– Map
Google Map Ruby Light City theme added, 3 battle days added
Function added that some battle eras cannot be easily destroyed
â – Tank
Eraser: Increases Weapon1 damage by 4%
Keras: Increases Weapon S damage by 5.5%
Photon: Weapon2 increases collapse by 3%
Raona Panel: 20 extra Base HP

Armor: Weapon S damage reduced by 5.5%, Weapon cooldown 1 increased
Boomer: Weapon S damage reduced by 3%

in Store
Dark Carnival Map Pack
Valentine Tank Skin: Only available on Valentine’s Day

Added ground breaking indicator effect
Converted/changed the display of highlights directly in the target user interface< br> Improved user counter interface display

UPDATEBUT January 27, 2022

UPDATE January 6, 2022

gunbound web module error

â–!) Issues with our own Market Move button function About
There was a problem with the contest refresh button.
Go to GooglePlay or the Apple App store, search for “GunboundM” support there, then click the “Update” button.

Update from Google Play App Store Update

– Game Mode
Added event “Battle: try this team”!
– All players just have to play this special tank, with their knowledge and strategy.

– Char< br >!) Thor and Thor smooth the ice faster. (Associated tanks: Aduka, Adum, IceStorm, IceBall)

– Dungeon
New dungeon effects system
– Added interesting dungeon effects
– You can play dungeon episodes, such as getting reward and delete.
– All current player dungeons will be reset.
– The dungeon level report remains the same. Boutique

– Packages will be discontinued during the first week of January.

UPDATE January 6, 2022

Now YouYou Can Play GunboundM On Steam.

gunbound web module error

You may be playing GunboundM on Steam right now. people link your account to your phone, you can use the same account on your PC.

It supports higher frame rates than PC emulators and 1600 x 900 resolution.
We hope that the Steam version will allow more users to play together.

You can now fully enjoy GunboundM on Steam.

UPDATE 2021-12-10

â– Increases Tank
Slam: Often targets weapon 1
Blitz: Increases weapon S burst duration by 0.5 seconds
Phoenix: Weapon S area of ​​effect changed to very frequent explosion . (Bugfix)
Eraser: Increases Weapon 1’s own damage by 2.5%, the laser fire angle of your current launcher is set here in 4 directions.
Dronebeat: Improves the tank’s ability to move (lift, distance)

Fixed some bugs related to the display of climbing armor, the actual facts remained the same.

UPDATED 10 Decrya 2021

UPDATE 2021-12-01

– Battle
Changed the way movement distance is displayed (the display becomes shorter when receiving a debuff)

​ ⠖ Tank
Dronebeat: Increases the spread range of all weapons by – 5%.
IceBall: A movement style has also been added to the cold spot effect to reduce the distance. Each time weapon S bounces an explosive charge off the ground, it will fire a supporting shot of Ice Thor. * IceBall, IceStorm connected play is also possible.

​■PC Platform Steam Support Coming December 14
PC users and mobile game users should be able to play together.< br> If you link your credit account, you can use it on both your PC and your mobile phone.

UPDATED 01/12/2021

UPDATE 2021-11-19


– Mode
World Boss health is 25% cheaper.

– Tank
IceStorm: The Weapon of 1 and Weapon Attack Product Line S expanded to and from.
Plaz: Increases weapon 1 damage by 4%, decreases weapon 2 damage by 2%
Bigfoot: Increases the number of weapon bombs by 1. Increases by Multiples: The number of companions summoned by weapon S by 1.
Icy Thors can be described as being leveled up to level 4, and once reaches level 4, the frosty weather effect is added.
Limits the extra damage from a dash from a piercing weapon to 10% of the final damage per point. stacked items (totems, tanks)
Fixed an issue that caused damage to slow down when attacked by certain weapons

– Feature
Event Window and HELP Upgrades
Contains links to various Sites related to GunboundM
(Available, just try adding depending on user request)

​■Cor Bug fixes
Bugs related to UI scaling
Bugs, related to your recess
Several bugs and bugs
Battle item teleportation error

UPDATED November 19, 2021

Facebook Advanced Has Changed The Facebook Login Security Policy.

Facebook recently changed Facebook’s login security policy.
Facebook coreports that a lot of home security issues have been found when viewing logins through web browsers, so it amplifies the issues related to login security.
< br>If Facebook thus detects the correct risk for a given Facebook account balance , this account will be exempted from a small login to Facebook through a web browser (in-game).

Case Facebook informs the login app through the Facebook app.
1. Install the Facebook app for iPhone and log in to the Facebook app.
2.Try connecting your ISP in our game.

Today, Facebook changed the security policy for the Facebook username.

UPDATE 2021-10-14

– Event
-Event: added combat mission
At the beginning of the game, completing certain missions will give your ultimates additional effects. You can get up to 3 buffs at the end of 3 positive missions per game.

Stappen Om De Fout In De Gunbound-webmodule Op Te Lossen
Schritte Zur Behebung Des Hauptfehlers Des Gunbound-Webmoduls
Шаги по определению ошибки веб-модуля Gunbound
Gunbound 온라인 모듈 오류 해결 단계
Kroki, Jak Rozwiązać Błąd Modułu Internetowego Gunbound
Pasos Para Corregir El Error Del Módulo Web De Gunbound
Interviene Per Risolvere L’errore Dell’elemento Web Gunbound
Étapes Pour Résoudre Réellement L’erreur Du Composant Web Gunbound
Steg Som Hjälper Dig Att Lösa Gunbound-webkomponentfelet
Etapas Para Eliminar O Erro Do Módulo Web Gunbound

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