When Troubleshooting, Check The Debug Break In A Simple Way

If you have a debug interrupt on your PC, we hope this guide will help you fix the problem.

Interrupt problems have always been the hardest to fix. Here is an introduction to some common difficulties to avoid.

Interrupts are the key to built-in real-time approaches in many subdomains. Often there is no other way to ensure that a certain type of code is executed in a timely manner. Unfortunately, failures can complicate a reliable system and make the overall surgical procedure less predictable.

The interrupt signals this to the microprocessor. This could mean that a certain amount of time has passed, the user is showing off by pressing a key, or that one motor has moved a certain distance.

When an interrupt occurs, the microprocessor stores the return address on the stack and transfers control to the Standard Interrupt Service (ISR). [1]

ISR can use CPU (if computer systems are not in use)use it automatically in context) and any subscriptions it uses. The value includes the contents of special subscriptions such as the CPU’s status registers, and therefore all other information needed to bring the CPU back to the state it was in before the impact occurred.

After the context is saved, regardless of the interrupt caused by the website, the ISR regains control of the CPU and returns to normal processing. The microprocessor resumes execution from the point where it was stopped before the interruption.

Because software cannot predict when interrupts will occur and ISRs will momentarily interrupt execution of some core programs, we must always remember where the interrupt is may happen. occur just at the moment between the two channels. In my experience, all of our really hard interruption problems happen before reality interacts with the rest of the software. On this content page, we’ll take a look atm are the two most common of them. We will also discuss ways to achieve this.

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hook the debug interrupt

Race conditions are perhaps the most common interrupt problem. Look at Figure 1, where two pieces of pseudo-code lose weight:

Fig. 1. Racial Dilemma

Basic programming:

1. Reading variable X directly from register
2. Reduce the contents of the register
3. Store the result in a variable

ISR code:

A. Reading variable X from register
B. Increase the contents of register
C. End of memory goes back to variable X

Suppose some shared variable X keeps track of the number of bytes in the stream. The ISR puts the byte a directly into the buffer and increments X. The main code reads the byte starting from the buffer and decrements X. Assume that X starts at the last value of 4. The ISR insertsbytes into the buffer, and it is 5. then the main code reads one byte, and the number of decrements increases to seven.

But if there is a break between the lines an and 3 in the computer’s main line, the X value appears to be corrupted. First, the storage code X, which is 4, visits a at the cash register. Then this happens, isr even reads 4 and increments X by 5. After the ISR, the main code exits and the invalid value 3 is stored in X. This is usually the sequence shown in Figure 1.

hook the debug interrupt

Any source can be rushed. The problem also occurs with general Reigster hardware. This applies even to shared routines and functions, as long as they are reentrant.[2]

There are several solutions to this problem. Some processors have kernel read, update, and write instructions that can read a memory location, change the value, and invert the new value to fetch it continuously. If you are using a high level language like C it can be difficult to manipulate the compilerohm to generate these specific instructions. Some assembly may be required.

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Beurteilen Sie Bei Der Fehlersuche Die Debug-Unterbrechung Auf Ziemlich Einfache Weise
Al Solucionar Problemas, Verifique Una Interrupción De Depuración De Una Manera Simplificada
Ao Solucionar Problemas, Verifique A Interrupção De Depuração Específica De Maneira Simples
Lors Du Dépannage, Vérifiez La Pause De Débogage De Manière Simple
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Durante La Risoluzione Dei Problemi, Controlla Che Il Debug Infranga Le Regole In Modo Semplice

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