How To Restore Linux 2.4 Kernel Source Code?

In this guide, we will identify some possible causes that may cause linux 2.4 kernel source code to fail, and then I will provide possible recovery methods that you can try to solve this problem.

 Linux kernel released 2.4.xxThese are the release notes for Linux 2.4. You carefully checkIf they tell you what it is, how do you explain the purchaseThe core of it and what to do in case of problems.WHAT IS LINUX? Linux is a replica of Unix co-written with Linus Torvalds.  Help from another team of scattered Aus hackers on the net.He aims to match posix at.  It all has the features you'd expect from any other modern high end device.  Unix, including real multitasking, virtual memory, shared libraries,  Popular download, shared copy-on-write executables, most storage efficient management and TCP/IP for social networking.  It is distributed under the General Public License - see gnu.  initiate the COPY attached for more details.WHAT EQUIPMENT DOES IT WORK ON? Linux was first developed for the 386/486 based PC. In ours too days Levels on ARM, alpha versions of DEC SUN, Sparc, M68000 (for example, on Atari machines and  Amiga), MIPS PowerPC and many others.DOCUMENTATION: - There is a lot of documentation available both electronically and inelectronic.   on the Internet, also in books, both on Linux and related   common UNIX elements to consider. I would recommend looking at one in the documentation   Subdirectories on any existing Linux ftp site for LDP (Linux Documentation  Project name.README This one is not ideal for being documentation about it.  System: Many other useful sources are available. The files in the Documentation/ subdirectory have special README files:   these are usually kernel-specific installation notes for some   driver for example. See ./Documentation/00-INDEX a for a list of what  Included in every story. Please start reading changes as is.   contains information and facts about problems that may occur during the update   Core.- The Documentation/DocBook/ subdirectory contains a large number of how-to guides on   Users of the Designer kernel and. These instructions can be represented as   Number of formats: including PostScript (.ps), PDF and HTML.   After setting "create "make psdocs", or else pdfdocs", "make htmldocs"  Able to display documentation in the most popular formats.SETUPDATE core: If - you install full sources, write the kernel to the archive   The directory you read from, write to (for example, your home and directory) unpack it:gzip -cd linux-2.4.XX.tar.gz Remains of resin | xvf-  Replace "XX" with the version number of the latest kernel.   You are NOT using the /usr/src/linux zone! This area has (usually   incomplete) main set headers, most of which are used by the collection header   files. They should fit the library and not be cluttered  Whatever the essence of the day. - Is it also possible to update to version 2.4.xx by applying patches.this  patches distributed in gzip versions and the new bzip2 framework.    install to patch, enter any new zone files that  Get the top-level kernel directory (linux-2.4.xx) and -cd run: gzip ../patch-2.4.xx.| .patch .gz .-p1 . . .Where . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .bzip2 .-memphis .../patch-2.4.xx.bz2 | patch-p1   (Repeat xx for all versions stronger than current version   the original _in_order_) tree, also agree. Maybe you delete want each of ours (save files or xxx~xxx.orig), and make sure none  failed (xxx# backup xxx or .rej). If yes, then  in case it's me or you.   gives an error message.   Alternatively, you can use the Patch-kernel script for this task. automate. It defines the kernel that is checked and which version is used.   failures are observed.linux/scripts/linux patch-kernel  The first argument to the command is the location   kernel source. Patches do apply from the current directory, however   alternatively, the second argument can be a directory. - Make sure you don't have outdated files and dependencies:Linux CDSir   You should now have successfully installed the sources.REQUIRED SOFTWARE SOFTWARE Running 2.4.kernel xx compilation for usually requires an update  Versions of various application packages. .Consult . . . ../documentation/changes, find out to be the minimum number of required versions  And how to see the updates of these packages. Pay attention to the use   Too original of these package versions can indirectly contribute to this.   Do not, however, make mistakes that are very difficult to detect.  Your packages can be easily upgraded ifthe process will have serious problems.   assistance in construction or operation.CONFIGURE the kernel: - Mach Config" "Make sure core core is configured without question. "makeconfig" is required   bash works: you will search everywhere $BASH, /bin/bash /bin/sh and bash  (in that order), so one of these types must match on the way to work.  Don't even skip this step if your organization is only doing a minor upgrade.   Execution. New other configurations and options are added in each version  Weird issues occur when setting up unsupported configuration files   compared to expected. If you really want to resume an existing configuration, so it will use the newer version with easier operation

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