Issue With Microsoft Windows 5 Installer For Windows Server 2008 R2

If you have microsoft Windows 5 Installer for Windows Server 2008 r2 on your system, this user guide can help you.

microsoft windows installer 5 for windows server 2008 r2

The information in this section describes additions and changes, many of which are available in Windows Installer 5.0.

  • Client: Windows 7 and all later. windows
  • Server: Server 2008 R2 and earlier.
  • This provided page serves as a documentation guide. You should refer to the “System Requirements” section of the main man pages for specific operating system requirements. Parts associated with unrelated installation windows from this page should be available in a different version associated with installation windows. For other editions of Windows Installer, see New Windows Installer Content.

  • MsiConfigureServices
  • MsiEnumComponentsEx
  • MsiEnumClientsEx
  • MsiGetComponentPathEx
  • SDDL formatted text
  • The template summary has new values ​​to indicate that the repository is compatible with Windows RT with the Arm64 platform.
  • MsiServiceC arrayonfig
  • MsiServiceConfigFailureActions array
  • MsiShortcutProperty array
  • MsiLockPermissionsEx array
  • MsiPrintControlEvent
  • Managing MsiLaunchApp
  • ICE101
  • ICE102
  • ICE103
  • ICE104
  • ICE105
  • Checking Ownership

  • Hyperlink setting element

  • Installer.ClientsEx
  • Installer.ComponentsEx
  • Installer.ComponentPathEx
  • microsoft windows installer 5 for windows server 2008 r2

    Properties of the component object

  • Components.Component code
  • Components.UserSID
  • Components.Context
  • Properties of the client object

  • Customer.product code
  • Client.component code
  • Client.UserSID
  • Client.Context
  • Properties of the ComponentInfo


  • ComponentInfo.ComponentCode
  • ComponentInfo.Path
  • ComponentInfo.Developers Status
  • Notes

    Installation can be started with the Windows Installer 5. To create a single installation package that allows you to perform two installations per computer or install a specific application for each user. For more information see timeCreate a separate package. The ICE105 internal consistency check checks to see if a package was written to be installed in a user context. An application that can be installed, updated, run, and uninstalled by a standard user without elevation is called a user-centric application (PUA). PUA can provide a much better user experience, minimize the impact on the system and many other users on the computer, and force UAC to be reserved for situations that really require escalating your current user privileges. One-time packaging capabilities that point to the Windows Installer 5.0 can make it easier to program applications for each user.

    Service configuration settings allow the Windows Installer package to specifically configure services on a computer. For more information, see Using Service Configuration.

    Starting with Windows Installer 5.0, the Windows Installer package can protect new accounts, Windows services, files, versions.and registry keys. The MsiLockPermissionsEx store can specify a security descriptor that denies permissions, defines read/write inheritance from a parent resource, or defines all permissions for a new Myspace poker chip. For more information on how to do this, see Backing up resources.

    Windows Installer 5.0 can list all added components on the computer and get the path to the key for the for component. See List of components.

    for more information.

    Windows Installer 5.0 running on Windows Server 2012 or Windows 8 supports trusted installation for apps on Windows RT. A non-Microsoft-signed Windows Installer package, hotfix, or conversion cannot be installed on Windows RT. The Template Summary property specifies that the Tray Bird Seed is compatible with installation databases and should contain a value to support Windows RT.

    Windows Installer 5.0, which runs on Windows 10 on Arm64 processors, supports our own installer applications compiled specifically for the Arm64 platform. The Template Summary property thesex packages must contain Arm64.

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