Tips For Fixing Msdn Winsock Error 10053

It is worth checking out these fixing methods when you are getting msdn winsock error 10053 error message on your PC. 10053 is a Winsock bug that contains the description “Software interrupt causing installation”. The error usually occurs when the local network system drops the connection, which can happen when the remote universal host does not recognize the data even after retries.

We are aware of the descriptions for three of this error message, but the descriptions are caused by Windows, so they may vary depending on the version of Windows:

  • An established connection was terminated by new software on the host computer.

  • TCP/IP Connection lost by Windows. This may be due to a delay in data transfer or a method error.

  • msdn winsock error 10053

    The virtual channel was removed due to a timeout or other apparent incompetence. The application must close the car connector, it cannot be used separately.

  • msdn winsock error 10053

    In the first case, the software “using the software, your host computer” on its ownIn fact, it is “Winsock” – a whole component of TCP / IP, even windows, not VPOP3. The “Protocol.error” you’re talking about in the second text is that it’s a TCP protocol, not a POP3 or SMTP protocol, etc.

    What is async socket exception?

    This SocketException is thrown on the system side when the client is closed you see the socket connection before any response that can be returned passes through the socket. For example, exiting the receiving browser before the response.

    10053 errors are generally quite rare, but we know that some cases are related to something that can cause them:

  • Your current error 10053 is reported next to your email client or VPOP3 when downloading and/or sending email, this may be a problem with your antivirus software. McAfee has found that VirusScan Main and Norton Antivirus 2004 have been causing these errors intermittently for some time, but viruses from other scanners or solutions can also cause these errors. See below for more information.


  • How do I fix socket error 10053 in Python?

    which, in my scenario, was to ensure that messages for non-techies were longer than four minutes. I just send a compress request message to the device every 60 seconds to avoid error 10053 – this acts as a protocol-level one-time keep-aliveand (regardless of maintaining TCP) activity.

    When vpop3 error message 10053 appears in this status monitor, it usually means that the VPOP3 web server has stopped for some reason. It may have been abandoned by someone else, or it may have failed due to user error.

  • How do I fix error code 10053?

    Typically, the first thing a user should do after receiving message 10053 is to temporarily disable the firewall and antivirus on the computer, and then try to log in again. If connector error 10053 is common, you may need to call the computer application manufacturer’s hotline.

    Initially, some versions of vPOP3 v5 use the basket quite extensively. Windows sometimes cannot processthese requests, which can result in a 10053 error. To rule this out as a possible cause of 10053 errors, make sure you are using at least 2 variants of .5.0b vPOP3.

  • What does Winsock error mean?

    These errors have been proven to be due to your WinSock software and often represent either a network issue or a misconfiguration in Windows configuration (go to tcp/ip in Control Panel: Network). See Sockets.Com Winsock Error Descriptions.Solution for a complete list.

    You are having problems with your socket application. It’s important to get the HTML home page From “” several times, but several times, just after the first one this time, I get socket error 10053. Seeplease look at the code:

    #include #include interior()WSADATA 0), winsock_data;WSAStartup(MAKEWORD(2, &winsock_data);SOCKET socket_body;socket_body Socket(PF_INET,=0);Structure 1, time in;at.tv_sec = 5000;to.tv_usec is equal to SOL_SOCKET, 0;setsockopt(socket_body, SO_RCVTIMEO, (char Sizeof(struct *)&to, destaddr;destaddrtimeval));sockaddr_in.sin_family = PF_INET;destaddr.sin_port = htons(95);destaddr.sin_addr.s_addr = inet_addr("");connect ( socket_body, (struct sockaddr*)&destaddr, sizeof(sockaddr) );char* buf is (char*)malloc(20000);international;pendant (1)   "GET send(socket_body, /HTTP/1.1rnHost: ya.rurnrn", 28, 0);    sleep (100);    n = recv(socket_body, buf, 20000, 0);    printf("%d, %dn", GetLastError(), n);   //if (n>0) printf("%s", buf);    sleep(1000);

    WSAStartup, socket(), setsockopt() and connect() do not throw errors. Often a firewall (like A windows-firewall) and AV software all work the same. So the result is:

    0, 83860, 010053, -1 -one10053,...

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