The Best Way To Fix Page Faults In Non-pageable Memory

Over the past few weeks, several readers have reported to us that they have encountered page faults in non-paged memory. In most cases, when a program or host operating system refers to a particular memory web page and it is not in RAM, the page manager returns a good “page fault” (page missing) status. Ultimately, this means reading the requested page from the swap file.


Have you ever experienced a PAGE FAULT NOPAGED error in AREA? Do you know why the game is happening and how to solve PAGE FAULT NOPAGED in AREA? Read this article about the method, you can find out the causes of the problem and possibly solve it.


If you have lost an important file due to a PAGE FAULT IN NOPAGED AREA error, you have the option to use

Mini Tool Software

Note. You must restart your computer after making this change.

Note. Be sure to restore your tasks and close windows just before rebooting.

Mark:Run chkdsk

cannot because part of the volume is being used by another process. If you want this volume to be checked on the next system restart, type

YesMark:the local network

and you must also specify the IP address of another computer if you want to remotely control the PC support computer.

Advice. You can also click “Back Up Later”, but to run the backup taskFor external copying, on the “Manage” page, you must click “Back up now and reboot”.

How do I fix a website page error in a nonpaged area?

There are 8 ways to solve the problem:

  1. Checking RAM.
  2. Turn off antivirus applications.
  3. Automatic update of device drivers
  4. Disable swap file size management for all drives.
  5. Run the Windows Memory Diagnostic Tool.
  6. Check your hard drive.
  7. Run the Hardware Troubleshooter.
  8. Reset this computer.

A page fault is clearly an interrupt that occurs when a good application needs to retrieve data that is not currently in real memory or RAM. The interrupt then allows the operating system to look at the data in virtual memory and load everything into RAM.

Nvlddmkm.sys (VIDEO-TDR-FAILURE) error can be caused by overheating, corrupted installed driver, driver conflicts, incorrect save timesI am either under voltage or a faulty video card. You can read this post to find solutions –

How to fix video_tdr_failure error in Windows 10?

Is page fault in nonpaged area serious?

Sometimes a Page Fault in Nonpaged Area error occurs on your computer, which can be fixed automatically. However, if this type of error occurs frequently, your computer may have a serious problem.

For the past 4 years, I have provided remote IT support via the web and applications for a security client and a large telecommunications company.

What causes page fault error?

Microsoft states that the root cause of Page Fault In Nonpaged Area error code 00000050 can be software or hardware issues, including: rolling back a Windows update or incomplete fixes for Windows extensions. Driver conflicts or incompatible third-party programs (such as printers and audiovisual programs) Bad memory.

What should I do about the red screen error message that immediately appears?


“Page error in nonpaged area” is always the error message for the corresponding Stop Error 0x50 on a Windows PC. But what does that mean?


page fault in nonpaged memory

Basically, the actual error means that your computer requested contiguous page memory and the home page was unavailable. As a result, Windows could not continue running processes and crashed with the so-called blue screen of death (BSOD).

We’ll break down the various factors behind this error message below so you understand what it means, and then discuss how to fix it.

What Is A Nonpaged Area?

How do I fix page error in nonpaged area?

Memory test.Disable antivirus applications.Update the device driver.Disable Automatic swap file size management for all drives.Run the Windows Memory Diagnostic Tool.check gesturehard disk.Run the hardware troubleshooter.Reset this computer.

Your computer is equipped with manyyour various components required for data storage; these include RAM and Random Access Memory (RAM). One of the main differences between a particular hard drive and RAM is this particular retention period. RAM is my short-term dynamic storage that remembers its contents only when the computer is on and running. It’s like a permanent hard drive that usually stores data when the computer is actually turned off.

RAM reads faster than disk space and contains the current information the computer needs to perform the currently active task. When there is too much data to store all of it in RAM, statistics that are not being actively used are temporarily stored in the website’s page file, which is not possible on the drive that the computer uses as additional RAM. Recovery pages switch between physical RAM and disk-based page file as needed for a particular job.

Non-Page CloudThis is a good area of ​​memory that contains important data for the operation of the system. This data should always be needed, so instead of swapping data somewhere between RAM and page information, the data is permanently stored in the last RAM, in a non-paged area. In fact, in this area, data should not be moved from RAM to the swap file.

What Causes Page File Errors?

This error occurs when Windows tries to access huge data in memory that is doubtfully stored in nonpaged space but can be found.

page fault in nonpaged memory

Because the area of ​​memory is reserved for the production of the Windows kernel, it is unlikely that this is caused by a bug in the programming code and is most likely a hardware issue. While it’s possible that some software (like a good antivirus product) gained access to the nonpaged area and removed or modified the hard drive in the steps that Windows was looking for, faulty RAM is most likely the culprit, which could indicate a hardware problem . Level 1 or level cacheThere are 2 or bad sectors on the current disk.

How To Solve The Problem

As with any system failure, the first thing to do this time is to simply reboot and try logging in. You can find what works best and the failure won’t happen again. However, you may want to make sure that a blue screen appears before they can help you log in. If so, you can check some circumstances.

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