Troubleshooting Tips Remote Access To The Requested Service Was Not Found

Here are a few simple methods that should help resolve the remote service not found issue.

It seems to me that trying to set up a too simple .Net remote connection doesn’t work and even seems to provide the formula for the final solution.

I have a server result class for you, which should be a singleton and live for the lifetime of our own process.

public class MyRemoteServerClass: MarshalByRefObject    Empty group DoSomething()            System.Diagnostics.Trace.Assert(false);        Ignore public object InitializeLifetimeService()            returns null;    

remoting requested service not found

Based on what I learned about .Net remoting, I wrote this code which is instantiating and registering a server skill in a service:

 Empty static Main(string[] args)            The server MyRemoteServerClass is equivalent to new MyRemoteServerClass();        The TcpChannel corresponds to the new TcpChannel(8080);        ChannelServices.RegisterChannel(channel, false);        URL string = "tcp://localhost:8080/MyRemoteServerClass";        RemotingServices.Marshal(Server, URL, Server.GetType());        System.Console.ReadLine();    

I wrote this live code in a .Net winforms client to call some functions of MyRemoteServerClass.DoSomething:

 defined empty buttonpka1_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)            Cord URL = "tcp://localhost:8080/MyRemoteServerClass";        ChannelServices.RegisterChannel(new TcpChannel(), false);        MyRemoteServerClass root Activator =.GetObject(typeof(MyRemoteServerClass), url) as MyRemoteServerClass;        root.DoSomething();    

The call to Activate.GetObject ensures that a proxy reference is obtained to help with the MyRemoteServerClass server instance. But even if I call DoSomething, I get the “Requested service not found” exception.

Server space tracking: System at.Runtime.Remoting.Channels.BinaryServerFormatterSink.ProcessMessage(IServerChannelSinkStack tankStack, IMessage requestMsg, ITransportHeaders requestHeaders, Stream requestStream, IMessage& responseMsg, ITransportHeaders& responseHeaders, Stream& responseStream)

remoting requested service not found

Exception at [0]: System at.Runtime.Remoting.Proxies.RealProxy.HandleReturnMessage(IMessage reqMsg, IMessage retMsg) at System.Runtime.Remoting.Proxies.RealProxy.MsgData, privateinvoke(message data and Int32 type) at RemoteExampleServer.MyRemoteServerClass.DoSomething() at RemoteExampleClient.Form1.Sender, button1_click(object EventArgs e) at c:AaronRemoteExampleClientForm1.cs:line 30} System.Exception System.Runtime.Remoting.RemotingException

What experiment did I do wrong? Please note that I have a license to access these applications through a firewall type (and I will get the exact behavior if I completely disable this particular firewall). I don’t have any other security software on my computer.

PS. I would benefit from no modification solutions and an App.config XML file. If only I could set up a private .Net connection in code space.

I’m trying to make an extremely simple .Net remote connection here, I can’t or don’t seem to understand the crazy mantras.

I have a server side session that needs to be a hard singleton and live for the duration of the service process.

public class MyRemoteServerClass: MarshalByRefObject    open void DoSomething()            System.Diagnostics.Trace.Assert(false);        override the public theme InitializeLifetimeService()            return null;    

Based on the topic of my reading on .Net remoting, I wrote this code to help instantiate and register the server class that starts the service:

 sound void Main(string[] args)            Server MyRemoteServerClass = newly obtained MyRemoteServerClass();TcpChannel = Extended TcpChannel (8080);        ChannelServices.RegisterChannel(channel, false);        Range URL = "tcp://localhost:8080/myremoteserverclass";       RemotingServices.Marshal(Server, Page, Server.GetType());        System.Console.ReadLine();    

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