How To Troubleshoot SMTP Sending Problems When No Valid Recipient Is Specified

Over the past few weeks, some of our readers have reported to us that they encountered an SMTP send error when no valid recipient was specified.

1 error is a “no valid recipients” SMTP error. This can be delayed if you misspelled the recipient, but it can also happen if you don’t properly authenticate to access the outgoing mail server. So suffering is the alphabet. xy may not be a registered domain, so you won’t receive email at that address.

Note. Sorry this is not a duplicate, I tried everything mentioned there.

I tried to reconnect to my mail server using Laravel/Swiftmailer. The native flow area .env looks like this:


Personal information is censored for obvious reasons, but a setting might work. I tested it on a Thunderbird server with this setup and it works like a charm.

 middle male or female function from_id(string $id): user            .         .         .        Mail::to()->send(new OrderShipped());    

This is how it looks t Mailable (basically this is an example from the Laravel documentation):

 public build() function         Restore $this->view('email_templates.simple_test');   

I was debugging directly into the code and I think I threw two exceptions, but oops! definitely shows the last :

Expected response code 250/251/252 but found code “554”, message “554 5.7.1: Destination address denied: access refused”

smtp send error no valid recipients specified

Expected return code 354, but got password ‘554’ with message ‘554 5.5.1’. Error: No valid recipient”

I tried to send an email from a fully functional mail server via Thunderbird to , but the email was sent and received in a reasonable fraction of a second and has problems/errors. Basically, I was trying to reproduce the exact same scenario for anyone with a different tool. So from my point of view, the bug must be in the codebase.

When you try to send an email using the SMTP library or the SocketTools client component, the service succeeds, but the SendMessage or The SmtpSendMessage function fails with an error that no valid recipient was specified.

This error occurs when error code 12296 creates a new LastError property on a .NET class or ActiveX control. In fact, when using the Library Edition API, the SmtpGetLastError function returns error code 0x80043008.

The error is an SMTP status number of 554 and often contains a higher status code with the following message:

If you’ve checked the recipient’s address and you know it’s valid, the most likely reasons for this error are:

  1. smtp send error no valid recipients specified

    The local computer from which someone sends a message should not be trusted. This can often happen when the Internet mail hosting server is on a corporate or local network and you are trying to send a message to another Internet user on that network. By default, the vast majority of mail servers are configured to trust only certain systems (usually on the local subnet).

    If not all mail servers trust the public system, you mayYou may need to authenticate with the server. Many mail servers are configured with very limited trust, trusting only human interaction with the server itself, and the client requires connections to attempt authentication.

  2. If you are connecting to a hosting server on port 25 or port 465, the recipient must be local to help you on that server. If you don’t even explicitly authenticate with the postal service, it will usually reject information if the recipient is not a district (for example, user is an account that is not actually hosted locally on that private post office server).

    Mail servers that accept arbitrarily written email addresses and automatically forward non-local mail are called open relays and are therefore usually considered a specific configuration error. Open relays are undoubtedly often used to send spam, and all modern mail server settings disable this behavior by default.

  3. If you always connectto the server using connection 587 (often referred to as the “send” certification port), this is required. You must call the Authenticate method you’re currently in using a .NET or ActiveX class or control, the SmtpAuthenticate function, just like you would use the library API. In almost all cases, transmission to the server must be secured using TLS 1.2 (or higher).

    Most computers won’t allow clients to authenticate unless they use a secure connection. There may be a rare exception to this motto, but most mail servers today that accept email sent on the following port are configured to come from all recipients in a potential client’s unauthorized session.

  4. If you are connecting to a remote computer using a non-standard port number, such as 2525, you should generally follow the same guidelines as when using port 587. Authentication is required to manage the client, and the connection often needs to be secure.

    These non-standard ports are often configured tin a way that clients can bypass methods in which the Internet Service Provider (ISP) blocks standard ports. Is this usually done in three steps to prevent, or at least prevent malware from abusing the network?

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