The Easiest Way To Fix Tar Directory Checksum Error On Solaris 9

You may encounter an error that says Solaris 9 tar directory checksum error.

Tar: List Of Checksum Errors

How do I fix a tar directory checksum error?

Action. To fix this problem, make sure, in particular, that the blocking factor you specify on the command line (after -b ) matches the blocking factor you originally specified. When in doubt, you usually omit the block size and let tar(1) see it automatically. If this tool does not solve the problem, the data on the tape is likely to be corrupted.


This error when trying to sell from tar(1) indicates that the checksum of the directory and computer data files read from tape will definitely not match the provided checksum.often in a header block. This message usually indicates an incorrect code.The locking factor, although it may indicate data corruption on the tape.


Does tar have checksum?

Again, tar does not record the trust checksum for later comparison. If the owners archive the archive, they may very well have this functionality. tar uses compression. If you use the -Z flag when creating an archive, Black will use the compression utility to read or write the archive.

To solve this problem, make sure that the blocking factor specified by someone in the command channel (after -b) matches the previously specified blocking factor. If in doubt, also leave out the block size and let tar(1) figure it out automatically. If the tool does not resolve the issue, the tape statistics may be corrupted.

It is currently due on Monday, March 21, 2022 22:02:44 GMT

Author message

David Michael
#1 vs. 15

tar -xvf mozilla.tar=tar: folder checksum error


I have provided the Mozilla source code electronically from the website twice. I downloaded IT at school with RH 7.1 and 6.2, then copied it to my ZIP file and CD or DVD, brought it home, and ftp figured it out my hr 7.1 machine as the path to Solaris. both and maybe once when I created my own tar remnant I get a
directory checksum error. I’m pretty sure the files are our own size.

I see that I have the ability to ignore the Solaris tar lessons,
and I use Star without extraction errors.

Do almost everyone get errors all the time due to the Solaris archive and large files? I get almost no errors when I use gunzip or bunzip2.

Sounds funny – I’ve always used gzip and bzip to protect residual tar
files from checksum errors. I constantly expect to get to the bug that offers them first.

Is this a Mozilla download? • Or does the game recognize all other
s that use a different version, including tar, such as gnu? or can anyone see what I am doing wrong?

I’m never wrong with the small <20 megabit files I remember, but nonetheless
Mozilla’s latest and the ones I created were just over 200MB uncompressed

Won’t be a big problem, mostly asterisks and -i work, but I’m still
very worried about the stability of myfiles.

Thank you

Sat Apr 17, 2006 11:51:01 GMT

Paul Egger
№2 / 15

tar -xvf mozilla.tar is equivalent to tar: directory checksum error


could. • Why don’t you try filming and watching with GNU tar?
On Solaris 8, sparc is emailed as /opt/sfw/bin/gtar, provided you have the SFWgtar package installed.

Sat Apr 17, 2004 3:09:29 PM GMT

Jörg Schilli
#3 / 15

tar -xvf mozilla.tar is equal to tar: directory checksum

tar directory checksum error solaris 9


Report <[email protected]>,

David Michaels wrote:

It decompresses and avoids errors by using “asterisk” so it can be compressed. Star can provide information on many archiving and compression formats…

Did you run ‘star -debug -tv’?

For example, it will show you the archive type:

star -debug -tv < /tmp/1
star: shared memory partition attached to: FE800000 size 8404992
xstar archive. <=========== result
<=========== Compression test <= ========== for automatic decompression tar directory checksum error solaris 9

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