How To Fix Microsoft Exchange Information Store Service Error?

This article is intended to help you when you receive an error message about the microsoft Exchange Information Store service.

Microsoft Exchange is a Microsoft messaging service commonly used by businesses and academic institutions. Exchange synchronizes newsletters between the Exchange server and your own mail client application such as Outlook.

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the microsoft exchange information store service error

Unable to resolve Exchange data store critical error (error 0x8004010f)? Well, in such a case, the user cannot start the Exchange Information Store on this year’s server or MS Exchange Server 2007. Even after trying to restart the enterprise manually,the user receives an error message like this:

“Failed to initialize the entire Microsoft Exchange Information Store service.” Error – 0x8004010f

Product name 8 products Exchange Version.0 (Exchange 2007) Event ID 5000 Event Source MSExchangeIS* Warning type Critical server error MOM rules path Microsoft Server/Exchange Exchange window letters 2007/Informative /Bank MOM rule name The Microsoft Exchange Information Store service could not be initialized.

The above error is a general indication that the MS Exchange Information Store services cannot be started. The Exchange 2007 Management Pack, which belongs to MS Operations Manager, constantly monitors all application windows logs from associated computers running Exchange Server 2007. It generates each of our error events when Windows fails to start the exchange information store on the local computer.

You can view the tool error inView application log events

Event type: Error Event ID: 5000 Event Source: MSExchangeIS Event Category: General Description: Could not initialize Information microsoft Exchange Store service. – Error 0x8004010f.

Consequences of this error

How do I find my Exchange server information?

For now, start Outlook.Click File on the menu.Click Account Account Settings >> Account Account Settings. Providehere the Exchange account with the name of the server you want to check and click edit.In the Server Settings section, you can all see your Exchange server details.

Data machines are considered to be at serious risk if they cannot access the database page files in the user’s Exchange store. .Full .EDB files .Priv1 .(both ..edb and pub1.edb) related to user mailboxes are stored on the Exchange server, when these files arrive damaged or inaccessible, the accumulated information is at serious risk and may even lead to loss of foundation.

Reason for service problem

When starting the Microsoft Exchange data store, everything looks for the default target policy in Exchange Server before and in Exchange 2010 Server. A possible reason for such a submission could be related to one of the associated living conditions:< /p>

  • Replace the rule with own silence rule of the email address.
  • Remove the default policy on the Email Policies tab.
  • Resolution

    Before you can start solving the problem, you must have local administrator rights. Now exactly follow these steps:

    1. Go to the Start menu, find Run and click, then type Adsiedit.msc and click OK. Action menu
    2. Go to the option and “Sign in connect with”, click on it. Box
    3. The message “Select a known naming context” will appear, only the “Configuration” option and click “OK”.Again
    4. go further by expanding:
    5. Configuration (the_domain_controller_name . the_domain_name . Web )
    6. CN=configuration,DC=domain,DC=com
    7. CN=Services
    8. CN=Microsoft Exchange
    9. CN=Organization
    10. CN=Recipient rules
    11. Simply continue with the email address policy and right-click to open properties.
    12. Go to the method and attribute select “purportedSearch”. Confirm that the main value here is (mailnickname=*).
      Note. If the value with purportedSearch is not specifiedgiven as (mailNickname=*), change it manually by following the same steps:
    13. Go to “purportedSearch” and just click “Edit”.
    14. Go to the Delete option, then in the Value field enter (mailnickname=*). “OK”, Click to save changes.
    15. Go to And Attributes click then msExchPolicyOrder. Now click “Edit” next to the parameter.
    16. Enter 2147483647 in the Value field, and then click OK twice.
    17. Close editing (Adsi Active Directory Service Interfaces) ads.
    18. Now start the server running Exchange Server.solution

      How do I restart Microsoft Exchange Information Store service?

      3 answers. You can also open Exchange Powershell as an administrator and then run the following Restart-Service: MSExchangeIS command.


    Alternatively, you can’t fix “Microsoft Error: Failed to directly initialize the Exchange Information Store service.” – Error 0x8004010f. Using a strategic approach, try certain third-party recovery software.

    Is Microsoft Exchange Necessary?

    Unless you use major services that install, maintain, host, or plan to host Microsoft Exchange Server on your company’s hardware, you generally do not need to purchase an Exchange Server license. from any provider.

    Kernel for Exchange Server Recovery is a reliable software that often provides fast and accurate recovery of EDB files for the smooth operation of the Exchange data store. The tool is still capable of recovering edb files from toall kinds of corruption issues caused by improper shutdown, virus intrusion, incorrect Server shutdown, exchange of corrupted header information, JET engine failure and new causes. For a few minutes. The tool recovers damaged EDB files with complete and authentic integrity. Simply put, you can add multiple personal EDB recovery datasets at the same time to get a reasonably fast and efficient solution. The best part about this tool is that it doesn’t include the availability of journal documents and Exchange services for recovering from EDB file corruption issues. In addition, you have several options for saving recovered files, including for live exchange server, Pst, Office365 platform files, public folders, and near-archive mailboxes.
    the microsoft exchange information store service error

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