FIX: Tokina Error 99

You may get a tokina error 99 error message. Now there are several ways to fix this problem, which we will talk about shortly.

  1. I have had Tokina 12-24 and Rebel XT for almost 2 years. I’ve taken thousands of photos with them, so I’ve only had one problem every 12 months – most recently, while on a trip to waterfalls with fall foliage, the Tokina lens started metering scenes incorrectly. I would aim for auto metering and the photo would be overexposed due to a few leg stretches. I was able to overcome this by underexposing my images and the main problem went away after a few hours.
    So, even on the same trip this year, an accurate lens took one or two overdrawn shots. After that, he focused, measured, and when I released the shutter, I tried to get “ERR 99”. After that, he took out our battery, removed the lens, cleaned the power supply and put it back – pulling a pin or two and then rebooting ERR 95. As a result, it got to the point that it didn’t even break (which was a little annoying after a trip to the mountains to walk along the Fall waterfall Foliage Falls!). Many of my other lenses generally work well with the camera.
    I read that ERR 99 -fatal lens error, that makes sense. Can anyone tell me more about what I should do to help you resolve the issue? I haven’t had time to try out my Tokina on another body yet, but I’ll try it on occasion (if necessary). Thanks for our help!

  2. Try a Houston, clean the lens contacts with a soft hair brush, sometimes that solves the whole problem.

  3. Yes, there is a problem with the standard zoom.
    Canon employees told me that they repair lenses with error 99.
    not quite clear about tokina.
    many chances

  4. Does it freeze with error 99 on all settings, shutter speed/aperture or maybe just some settings?

  5. Thanks for all the replies. Some quick and informative answers… I haven’t tried the brush yet, I’ve cleaned the contacts of the wipes several times Oh for the lenses (and they are very clean to begin with).
    I read that some settings were giving me error 99, so I tweaked some to no avail. I was on Av all the time, but I changed the aperture (and shutter speed) and also changed the ISO.
    Manuj – do you think I have a flat lens? Does error 99 mean the lens is defective, or is it just not interacting well with my camera?
    Thanks again!

  6. If the lens continues to deteriorate and gives error 99, take it to a shop for repair. It could be anything from a giant bad hole, a wire, to a new big electrical problem. Any lens with Error 99 is repairable, unless a lens has been dropped and the correct time is not available.
    I’m afraid Canon has a general policy of not repairing lenses that cause error 97. After all, it could just be a loose wire between the camera lens pins and the circuitry inside that lens. The real problem with this is how much it will cost to fix it. E If it’s much smaller than a new page, fix it. However, if my repair costs are comparable to those of a reliable new lens, you’re probably better off buying one soon. Only Tokina can tell you how much it will cost.

  7. Tyler, it’s all one person can do trying to shoot from so many different zoom positions.
    In general, the wider zoom means it can go too far, and it’s far from over.
    I was mistakenly told that it was due to a broken belt.

  8. If it worked well, then the lens often does not communicate with the camera. This has happened to me before, but the problem has always been the compact camera. I would like to try all my Canon lenses at different apertures to see if I have a similar problem. Has your company tried this lens on another Kodak camera? If it works with another camera, the problem is probably with the camera.
  9. I had the same problem with a cheap Canon 80-200 and my XT. I rubbed the contacts with a cloth camera lens until they were shiny, but to no avail. Then they told me here to clean the contacts this time – it’s true! – with an eraser. I did that and the problem went away. Again, the contacts looked pretty clean to my eye before I used the eraser, but apparently they weren’t!

  10. Just a note for anyone who may have this problem in the future – my lens worked for a few weeks, then I took it out and tried it on another Rebel XT. It worked on another camera and then I put it back on my new camera and it worked fine – problem gone! True, I don’t know if the lens was “reset” to another model or something, but the problem was solved immediately.
    Thanks for any help and input!

    tokina error 99

    FIX: Tokina Error 99
    CORRECTIF : Erreur Tokina 99
    수정: Tokina 오류 99
    FIX: Errore Tokina 99
    CORREÇÃO: Erro Tokina 99
    NAPRAW: Wypadek Tokiny 99
    FIX: Tokina-Fehler 99
    FIX: Tokina-fout 99
    CORRECCIÓN: Error 99 De Tokina
    ИСПРАВЛЕНИЕ: Ошибка Tokina 99

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