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If your PC is fixing the dpi error, check out these troubleshooting tips.


This flowchart will help you troubleshoot Point-to-Point Protocol (PPP), which is widely used in multi-technology access solutions.

In the flowcharts, not to mention the example outputs shown below, we will discuss setting up a PPP connection from one basic rate (ISDN) slot of a digital services integrated network (BRI) to another using legacy routing over On Demand (DDR). . However, the same troubleshooting steps apply to connections going back to other routers (such as area offices) with PPP connections when using a circular dialer group, dialer profile, or additional PPP serial connections.

For more information about the point-to-point protocol and the features it supports in Cisco IOS®, see the Software, Cisco Learning Connection (registered customers only), and Tracking Using the ppp keyword sections in our own research area of ​​study.

For details on the various steps of PPP negotiation and exit, including debugging PPP negotiation, see Configuration, not to mention PPP Password Authentication Protocol (PAP) troubleshooting.


How do I test PPP connection?

While holding down the Windows Important key on your keyboard, press the entire “x” key, then click Control Panel. Under Network and Internet, click View network status and tasks. Click Last Seen or Network Configuration. Select “Connect to the Internet” and click the “Next” button.


  • How do I verify PPP PAP authentication?

    The login command prompts the user for a name as well as a password.Login then attempts to uniquely authenticate the user by looking up the requested username and password in all password databases.If the database contains the full username and password, that particular user will be authenticated and gain access to the system.

    Enable PPP negotiation debugging and PPP authentication debugging.

  • You need to read and get the result of the PPP debug negotiation. For more information seeSee Understanding PPP Debug Negotiation Output.

  • The PPP authentication phase does not begin until the Link Control Protocol (LCP) position is fully operational in the “open” state. If the PPP debug confirmation does not indicate that the LCP is public, please fix it before the owners proceed.

  • Components Used

    This report is not limited to specific computer programs and hardware versions.


    troubleshooting ppp

    Local computer (or neighboring router): This is the system on which someone is running a debugging session. If you are moving an entire debugging session from one router to another, the most important one, use the term “local computer” which may affect the other router.

    First node: The others break the point-to-point connection. Thus, this device is no longer a neighbor computer.

    For example, if you run the debug ppp Judgment command on this router, this router will be the local computer andRouter B will be part of the peer. However, if you move debugging to RouterB, everything becomes local and RouterA becomes a peer machine.

    Note. The terms “local devices” and “peering” do not imply a specific client-server relationship. Currently, depending on where the debug session is running, the remote access client can be a local host server or a peer.


    For more information about insurance plan agreements, see Cisco Technical Advisory Agreements.

    Troubleshooting Flowcharts

    Note. For successful troubleshooting, do not skip any of the steps shown in these flowcharts.

    PPP Link Control Protocol (LCP) Phase

    This section explains a special way to use PPP asynchronous modems. Outgoing LCPs are displayed on the local router, but unfortunately there are no incoming LCP frames.

    In the case of an article, the problem may befor one of two reasons:

  • Modems belonging to both the local router and our remote router are training, but PPP won’t start on the cut router. To resolve this issue, see “Modems are learning” but PPP does not start in the modem troubleshooting data file.

  • The router’s local and remote modems work fine and PPP starts on both of your routers, but the call drops immediately. This kills any possibility of receiving incoming LCP frames from exotic routers. To resolve this issue, go directly to Modems, set up fine, PPP starts, but there is no Create Later section in the Troubleshoot Modems document.


    p> p> l>

    troubleshooting ppp

    For more information about troubleshooting modems, see Troubleshooting modems.

    Outbound PPP LCP Options

    The flowchart shows some of the many common PPP LCP parameters that can of course be negotiated ape LCP. This flowchart will help you determine the LCP settings that your local PPP host does not negotiate with your remote PPP host.

    PPP Authentication Phase

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