Solution To Uninstall And Reinstall DNS Server 2003

If you have seen how to uninstall and reinstall DNS Server 2003, this guide will help you. Remove a DNS entry from your domain that is simply no longer needed. Deleting entries permanently removes them from your map. Changes to your DNS can affect how your domain works, such as your email address and website.

  1. I’m having problems with the DNS Server service if set to automatic
    does not allow my domain controller to boot – slows down when preparing network connections. If I hire
    it starts manually and i can connect, then i start dns manually
    Register. I think the problem started after a recent update for MS.

    I’m mulling over the idea of ​​uninstalling and reinstalling DNS while it’s not working
    always DC when working with Active Directory. Can I do something or not?

    1. The domain controller in question that I’m running does not contain any of the
      FSMO roles, i.e. something like this so I am trying to remove DNS from
      The server might be fine… I configured the following domain controller on this site using DNS
      installed, so at least for now I’m adding a backup domain controller, which will obviously come in handy when needed… All

      In addition, there are no errors next to the DNS related event log,That’s why it becomes a server or
      anything if it hangs in Preparing Network Connections. I turned on the turn signals and
      Start service, all is well, processing, name
      resolution, etc.

      Is it possible that the network card drivers need to be updated?
      Server – Hewlett Packard DL360G5 with two gigabytes and one Ethernet port. I put them together.
      I have several other identical servers in two different locations (both DCs are running the same OS,
      all the same) and they have no problem here.

      1. Hi Saral6978,

        Is this the only DC/DNS hosting? Well, when starting the server
        Try connecting to the room’s DNS server. Unfortunately, this can happen
        The DNS server service takes a long time to start, so it cannot be found
        own Dynamic Naming Service server. I think this is the reason for the long preparation
        network connections. Also, if you have a powerful DC, I would DNS
        Use the server’s built-in AD zones and configure both for the more desirable a subordinate to himself and another person. So he has can still be a secondary ability
        if it is really running.

        Best regards

        Meinolf Weber

      2. In a specific location where… originally I configured it to use itself
        and a remote DNS server, my main site for this is actually a DNS server. It was a full disc.
        For 48 hours he sat, preparing network connections. He did a proper reboot
        around 5:00 am Saturday Monday, when it could still be found
        in the morningScreen. DNS had updates immediately in the last 2 weeksapplies, for example, a good DNS zone would be empty, but I also had to manually
        Restart the DNS Server service to populate it, but then it will continue
        Start normally… then after about 2 weeks this method stuck on that side
        reboot. I found that this problem is related to the DNS server when I logged in
        Then the safe mode switched to manual mode, after which the problem disappeared.

        built-in zones and configure 2 of them for preferred DNS while keeping yourself and
        secondary to the other.

        An additional DNS server I just invested in, I set DNS on it as
        Well, his area is also really integrated with AD. First I installed DNS Basic and then added it
        domain controller role for this task so that the zone is automatically configured as an ad zone.
        This standby DC is fully granular and replicated with other 4 DCs in my
        Domain (on different pages or even more). I configured its DNS only as
        main, the DC build issues described above are minor, and I’ve added one of my
        Third, remote DNS devices.

        And as you would expect, I added my just submitted domain controller as a secondary
        DNS to the device that encountered a problem creating it. I haven’t
        I haven’t tried this restart yet on the server causing the issue, so something might be
        decide, butthe problem remains, why now all of a suddenThe server suddenly cannot find itself, given that the DNS server was
        at the time of upload or download.a few weeks ago still working small? So I’m wondering if that’s all I do
        Remove DNS from this server and reinstall it, this may solve all problems
        The problem is…

        Thank you for your reply


      3. Hi Saral6978,

        48 a lot is really too long. I can come across the message,
        there are experts on DNS.

        Best regards

        Meinolf Weber

      4. in the message


        What OS level and service pack are the user’s domain controllers at?
        Do you have AD sites?
        What errors are configured for domain controllers? If present, you must post the EventID#
        and names of sources.

        I’m testing to get an idea of ​​your ad. Not what was certain
        probably installed an updated one, but none of the innovations would cause this problem. So
        I’ll give you a general idea of ​​what to look out for when creating domain controllers
        in multi-site scenarios and other recommendations.

        In a multisite setup with properly configured sites, always point DNS to
        yourself first, and then select another domain controller elsewhere.

        There Neo is some kind of “secondary” sphere, unless of course your whole family is
        uninstall and reinstall dns server 2003

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