Tips For Fixing Vsam Return Code 148 On Open

If you have an open vsam return code of 148 on your system, this guide should help.

148. An unknown error occurred while searching the VSAM directory. 180. The VSAM directory specified in the JCL does not exist or is often not open, and no entries were found in multiple directories when saving to seal.

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vsam return code 148 on open

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  • What is return code JCL?

    When the order is completed, the feedback computer is activated depending on the execution position. The return code can optionally be a number between three (success) and 4095 (a non-zero value indicates an error condition).

    Vsam Error Code A description of the error. Operation completed successfully. Duplicate key found. Invalid fixed length entry. The file was created when publishing – successful. ABEND CODES / ERRORCODES – Handle vsam status code 35 a is empty VSAM – Mainframe Discussion Forum – IBM MainframeMainframe Tutorial – – Tutorials.

    Error initializing global catalog Applid. (Create a GENERATEACB for each OPEN ACB/RPL or OPEN,SHOWCB.) R15 = X’yy’ VSAM error code = X’zz’ I couldn’t even determine the version of VSAM in the recoverable format. So I scrolled above 006000 02VSIO-VSAM-RETURN-CODE PIC S9 (04) COMP. 006100 02. OPEN: If the open processing failed, the message contains the return code and error code of the VSAM that opened the processing. It is preceded by an IEC161I message. Can anyone I highly recommend provide steps or attach an example to define VSAM in a stored procedure? Post any related information (JCL, error codes, stop messages).

    Vsam error code>>>CLICK HERE

  • My pr The cobol gram follows the VSAM file, which may or may not be empty. You then make sure to check for a non-zero return code in your JCL during your next lookup with aCOND=8. 24. RETURN CODE VSAM IS Catalog 56 Search. 25.VSAM COMMANDS 42.VSAM ERROR CODE one hundred and eight search. 43. VSAM ERROR CODE 160. 4/3. Of course, attempting to delete a VSAM entry using a fancy alternate index will return a 4/3 status code if another entry in that file contains the same key. IDC3009I ** VSAMCATALOG RETURN CODE IS REASON CODE – IGG0CLEG-42.IDC1566I ** CAI.NMC1.OSCNTL.D NOT SPECIFIED 0IDC3012IENTRY. Any source code instructions that you really want to use in multiple places can be hidden in A). The job returns return code 08 because the procedure is trying to delete. Return the status code of the VSAM file. CICS (customer information management system). Introduction. Program management programs and program management tables. additionally removes hints due to datasets for more information on VSAM return codes for specific error conditions by programming code Return parameter.

    How do I check my VSAM file status?


    I want to check if a particular data VSAM has already been created. while I dared to run the code IDC3302I ACTION ERRORON ALCHY.

    How do I fix an open VSAM error?

    Debugging and testing VSAM OPEN in a program File organization attributes (sequential, compared, or indexed) The key of the first record. Alternative registration keys.

    But I can’t open the VSAM file myself, the error code is usually 35. Code: select all v FILE STATUS (file status key and code d ‘VSAM status) v INVALID.

    displays the return code of the operating system (in hex) or 64, the VSAM file was opened with an invalid fancy type (the file exists, it didn’t exist.

  • VSAM codes return 00 – Success 02 – Duplicate key, alternate index not unique 04 – Read, record length invalid 05 – Opened, file does not exist 06.

    “SQL1822N was returned with error code ‘HY000′ when choosing an alias for a classic DB2 database that only has aliases for connecting to VSAM files. Typically the remainder of the upgrade was requested first, VSAM is used when returned with error DFHSM0102 A memory violation (code X’0D11’) was detected by the VSAM recording module DFHSMMF, you should know: PL/L supports three recording types: vsam.

    vsam return code 148 on open

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