Help With Hard Drive File System Error

If you have seen what a disk file system is, the following blog post might help you.

It specifies how data transfer usage is stored on the disk and what types of information can be attached to files – filenames, permissions, numbers, and attributes. Windows three supports different boot systems. NTFS is the most technologically advanced file system. Windows uses NTFS lookup for its system drive and generally cannot be removed for most drives.

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What exactly is a file system?

On a personal computer, the file system sometimes – the print file system – represents files and names them specifically where they are logically located for storage and retrieval containers. Without a computer file system, stored information would not be individually isolated, and files would be virtually impossible to identify and recover.

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The articles talk about partitions, a table that is necessary for heavy disks, and this chapter will talk about the file system, which is no less important.

Annoying File System

Everyone knows that a storage device can only be used to store data after it has been formatted. What is B formatting? In the previous chapter, it was indicated that the newly created partition can be used without a disk until the data storage format is created. Backup Data Formatand can be requested on the file system, and formatting is part of the file system write process to help with partitioning.

After formatting, the partition can be used recognizably for system operations and for storing access and data.

File computers have different formats, so different partitions of the same hard drive can use different file tools. When it comes to Windows systems, the extremely commonly used FAT file systems are NTFS and NTFS. Next, we will introduce the types of these file system formats one by one.


Actually, raw is not a theme file system. As a rule, raw non-partitions can be recognized normally in a Windows system. A RAW partition is an unformatted or corrupted partition whose file will be corrupted to the system for undeniable reasons. The RAW partition usually shows error messages “Formatted” “Not Formatted” or “Appears Corrupt” in Windows.

The RAW partition is not available and can be used after formatting.

Should my hard drive be exFAT or NTFS?

Thus, when considering USB drives, you should use exFAT if you’re running both Windows and Mac environments, and NTFS if you’re only going to use Windows.

Important: if the section contains raw fafiles, you need to restore the main files before formatting.


what is a hard drive file system

There are three types of FAT (FAT12 File Allocation Table): and fat16 FAT32. FAT12 is suitable for very small partitions and is commonly used on floppy disks, although FAT16 is used on hard disks ranging from 16MB to 2GB. Therefore, FAT12 and fat16 are rarely used today, just like you say people talk about FAT FAT32 file system.

With regard to the FAT32 system, we need to know two things:. Individual files can be up to 4 GB in size; within 2 limits. The size of a FAT32 partition is usually less than 32 GB because it affects performance.

These two limits mean it’s barely used by complex drives that typically create more than 1 TB of storage, etc.


Our NTFS file system is the most suitable file system for computer partitions. At the moment, it seems that all computers work with NTFS categories. Compared to FAT, NTFS has many advantages, for example, the two limitations of FAT32 mentioned above are lifted against each other. Restriction

One and all NTFS features canthat it was created by Microsoft, and the insider technology was never officially released. Therefore, your computer may not use the ntfs file system, then you install another operating system on it, for example, Linux.

Windows currently has a small share of the market for commercializing interchangeable products. Washt phones, MP5 cell phones, digital models etc. Do not run Windows, and storage devices such as USB drives, memory cards, and flash memory are unlikely to use NTFS. These small portable devices use the FAT file system, which can also work on Windows computers and removable media. absence

Another feature of NTFS is that it was originally designed for regular mechanical hard drives, so NTFS is not a good choice for storage builds based on great storage (e.g. USB Flash SSD, motivation SD card, etc.) d.). ). ). Indeed, NTFS can shorten the lifespan of removable devices due to the management mechanism of NTFS. Because of this, manyIt is advised not to choose the NTFS file system for portable devices.


Since the capacity of USB drives and SD cards is growing rapidly these days, FAT32 is clearly not effective enough to monitor these devices. To fill the existing gap, exFAT was introduced, which effectively eliminated the FAT32 element control.

what is a hard drive file system

A note to Exactly, exFAT is that Microsoft introduced it specifically for storing flash drives (like Boost USB sticks, ssds, SD cards, etc.) instead of hard drives. EXFAT has been in use for some time now and requires a license from Microsoft to use it. Also, various drives, especially older Ne exfat computer systems, do not support removable drives.

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