Steps To Fix Wi-Fi On IPhone 3GS No Longer Working

You may encounter an error code saying Wi-Fi has stopped working on iPhone 3GS. Coincidentally, there are several steps you can take to fix this problem, and we’ll talk about them now.

I have the same problem. I have read all the troubleshooting links in this thread but to no avail. My demo WLAN iPhone, my neighbor’s, just mine. Today my new Blackberry found my Wi-Fi connection in less than 20 seconds. My daughter’s Galaxy Samsung siii connected without problems. desktop My desktop imac and macbook pro connect without script a. Phones of my (all friend of different models and brands … Sony, Samsung, nokias, HTC, etc.) connect with no recent problems. The ONLY phone that probably won’t connect is my iPhone 3G S

When I tried to do this (Settings > > wlan Select network manually > Other), I was told that the network does not exist. Well, if none of this existed, why do so many other devices have no problem understanding it?

By the way, my router might be from 2012 with the current firmware, while the iPhone is definitely older, so it shouldn’t be a problem that the router technology seems “too old” to know about the existence of a 3rd generation iPhone S

It’s funny that my little daughter’s old iPhone 4 (which she mostly kept for a few days and before switching to Galaxy) also can’t find home Wi-Fi… that’s it

wifi on iphone 3gs stopped working

Does anyone know how to connect this phone?

I have news for those of us who don’t have Wi-Fi. Try

I’m very curious and now have some solid additional facts about this issue.

There are many “wi-fi” antennas on Amazon. All providers say this antenna is… WLAN dominates over and vice versa, it’s not good.

Why can’t I turn Wi-Fi on Old iPhone?

If you still cannot turn on Wi-Fi, reset the basic network settings. This will reset most network settings, including Wi-Fi VPN passwords and APN settings. Make sure you have your passwords handy before resetting. When you’re done, tap Settings > General > Reset > Reset > Network settings.

I unplugged said cable and it still worked in wi-fi only, usually the GPS doesn’t work anymore, the wi-fi antenna must be somewhere else.

Why is my Wi-Fi suddenly not working on my iPhone?

Can’t you all get in? You are resetting these network settings. If you’re using an operating system or iPadOS 15 or higher as usual, go to Settings > General > Transfer or Reset [device] > Reset > Reset Network Settings. It also starts with wifi networks and passwords, cellular call settings and settings and vpn APNs you used before.

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