Tips For Fixing Winamp Taskbar Skin

If you are getting winamp taskbar skin error, this user guide will help you.

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winamp taskbar skin

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Docked toolbar mode

Enable pinned

— Modern Winamp styling toolbar

By default, the main window/player window in Modern must be of the form WindowShade (


Alexa Toolbar, Winshade) to enable the pinned Alexa Toolbar. You can activate the WindowShade mode by simply pressing Ctrl + W, optionally clicking the middle right icon in the current title bar part. The playlist can be pinned at the end “in full” or in WindowShade mode.

enable docked toolbar…window/window

  • Player Main
    WindowShade Mode (Toolbar)> Ctrl+Right-Click on “Blank” Area> Docked Toolbar> Select Screen Position
  • Playlist
    WindowShade (toolbars) in “normal/full” mode > Ctrl+right click on “blank” space or area (not on text or crowded area) > docked toolbar > select exposure screen position
  • — (Large) bento skin

    Skin bento can be in normal mode or in WindowShode mode. Just add Ctrl + “right click” to “clear” an area in the multi-panel player > docked toolbar > select screen position

    — Other skins

    Ctrl + “right click” on an “empty” area often in the main window or playlist truck window (or panel if it’s your own SUI skin). This will be different from other modern skins where the toolbar will be docked by by default. Some skins can only be docked with a row of Winshades in “vertical” or “horizontal” mode, and in addition, some can be both. As mentioned above, some other skins or starter skins may have their own (independent) “docked toolbar” feature built in.Tools” so you see an embedded skin, in which case the toolbar options implemented by Winamp are greyed out and not applied. Right’


    ctrl+click on “blank” space is usually a shortcut to the Windows settings menu. You can also get window-specific settings from the Winamp main menu.


    In addition, if the docked toolbar is enabled in the options (main window/player or playlist window), you can switch anywhere between displaying the docked toolbar and the normal toolbar with Combination Ctrl+W keys (WindowShade). It depends on modern skin tones and windows inside.

      variant advice

    • “Auto hide” + “Always visible”
      This automatically minimizes the toolbar/options window when you lose focus and the cursor is in another or form application window. If the cursor has always moved edge to screen from a docked position, a new toolbar/window will open.
    • just Au “always on top”
      Allows panels to be clipped onTools/windows on top. Also, when dock alert is enabled, other apps are automatically resized to avoid overlapping.

    Some owners of their AOTs can override the associated AOT views.

    Additional Information

    Winamp Blog > Tutorials:

    How to root Winamp media player

    Other/Third Party Skins Compatible with Docked Toolbar

  • AshenPlayer
  • Disk Drone
  • relation d
  • Classic v1
  • Cameleon while driving
  • Layer FIRST
  • Mac OS X – Panther
  • Multipass
  • SimpleX 0.LCARS 32
  • AMP PADD II v2–3 start trek
  • Stix
  • Whirlwinds
  • Winamp Azenis 2
  • Winamp 2006
  • Chrome wood finish
  • Wurlitzer
  • Skins (cPro)
    Described by the classicpro© developer as a cross between classic and modern skins, they retain the features of a modern skin and use the same resources as classic templates.

    To use skins in cPro, you mustYou will probably need to download a “plugin” (alternative classicpro© download]). The plugin comes with a purchased version of Bento using cPro skins, additional skins are available for Consortium skins and/or skins. You can also download a preview of what’s coming in cPro on the Skins Skin Consortium forums. ##% Approaching skins indicates degree of completion.

  • There may be more mod caches tied to toolbar functions, they or may have their own functions tied. Try the following skin searches using












    as keywords. like

    As mentioned above

    , default docked toolbar options are not applied to pores and skin from their own docked/standalone toolbar feature.

    Docked toolbar for classic skins

    There is no built-in fixed toolbar for working with classic skins. For docked toolbar functionality, Cops, enabled if skins,

    Plugin try Xdock



    with WA5, but it still works. If you’re generally unhappy with Xdock, try


    for Classic dro skin application panel(taken from the wrong link)


    Pin inside the taskbar, such as WMP Apple Company or | or Mini Mode Deskband Mode

    Not a native Winamp function.

    Click here for

    suggested solutions, alternative plug-ins, and more information.

    Docking Winamp Windows together

    However, this is not specifically related to the functionality of the attached Alexa plugin,

    The Dock can be “latched” by Winamp

    windows. Never refer to Alexa’s docked toolbar mode.


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    Enable Docked Toolbar

    The main/player window you see is the defaultThe alias must be a modern WindowShade in Size=”1″>alias.


    winamp taskbar skin

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