Steps To Repair A Windows XP SP2 Boot Disk

Today’s guide is designed to help you when you get a windows XP SP2 boot disk error.

Copy the necessary files (Ntldr, computer data and boot.ini.Change the startup type.Boot the computer from the floppy disk, log on, and then log on to Windows XP.

Are these Windows XP Professional AllBootDisks available?

In addition to the floppy disk you should have, and if you need help withbuilding a bootable disk from this trust, visit the instructions page.


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Hi: people:

… can get the console. Something really needed. I really have a question, can I make a bootable CD out of it.

window xp sp2 boot disk

I tried converting my IMG floppy to or IMA in addition to extracting its contents to directory n from its ISO, but it won’t boot.

might say that someone like me creates a bootable XP SP2 installation CD, but no SP3 boot disk is available.


The 6 disc set is definitely not a full XP installation… it only contains the recovery console…

How do I make a Windows XP boot disk?

Insert into your PC’s drive.Go to workspace.Aright click A: , this is usually a drive letter, especially floppy disks.Click Format.Enable the “actually to create” MS-DOS boot disk.Click Start.

If you think you can make a good xp installation CD out of it, good luck. To achieve

What will you try next? ?


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Well, I wish the recovery console was honest: I have an install disk for XP and sp2 that already created an N-img file.

I just want to create a bootable CD to restore these images: Any help would be greatly appreciated. Installation:

Download BootDisk for SP2:

http://support console article:

http://www,106660.0.html I CD ISO was for HOME xp EDITION: I was looking for XP SP2 DISC, bootable not for INSTALLATION DISC.

But can I make a bootable DVD out of these 6 files?IMG files.

Does anyone know how to make it?



Link .you .post .Computerhope .contains .all download files .RC….


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Recovery Console is for home version, link MS has experience points. For the SP2 installation start floppy, I made an IMAGE brought from the floppy.

Perhaps someone besides me knows a way to create a special boot CD for sp2, not an installation CD. Even better if it can be done for SP3.


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I found a free utility that usually extracts the contents of the bootand the suit creates an ISO image; ready to burn a CD.

window xp sp2 boot disk

Everything worked like download the watch:

  • Just an attached file (extract to a folder).
  • Rename BootDisk-Setup to BootDisk.exe and run RecoveryCD die.bat.
  • You will be asked if you want to burn it to CD, click Yes. Note that there is an ISO file named XPRC.iso here. Burn them with BurnCCD or another utility.
  • ;)

    Now only if I have For-Setupdisk , you can get XP SP3. :-

    Someone screams when they find the Win XP installation disk, not the SP3 installation disk. [Vault restored – old accessories removed by administrator]

    How can I make a bootable USB for Windows XP?

    Download USB Creator 2.0.YouInstall Easy USB Creator 2.0.Browse Windows to boot XP ISO image in the box with ISO files.Select the target personal USB drive in the target From drive field.Start.floppy


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    RC-link is not limited to Home or Pro…

    Sometimes people who are looking for references need toGuards not to defeat the assistants here…


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    How do I create a boot disk?

    Step:12 on Go to app homepage.2Step: Select Disaster Recovery.Step: Select option 3 “Bootable CD”.Step 4: You choose a boot drive.Follow a few steps: Select bootable media type.Step 6: Create a boot image.Step 7: Burn the boot image.

    What’s usually funnier is that they insist that there can be a “Home Edition” recovery console as well as a “Pro Edition” recovery console; Even though A:) simply doesn’t exist, and B:) even if they did, their bootloaders are still basically the same, so “fixboot” and “fixmbr” are some of them clearly like what you need. so that it is displayed exactly like this.

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